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This department has been canceled
29. 8. 2014

The depart­ment Insti­tute of Cli­ni­cal and Expe­ri­men­tal Den­tal Medi­cine has been can­ce­led on 1st Sep­tem­ber 2014.

Providing of CBCT scans
28. 9. 2013

You can send your pati­ents to our depart­ment for Cone Beam Com­pu­ted Tomo­gra­phy (CBCT) scan­ning You can cho­ose Field of View (FOV) selecti­vely. 5x5 cm with high reso­lu­tion is best for com­pli­ca­ted root canal tre­at­ment and sin­gle implant plan­ning 8x8 a 10x10 cm is best for … full text »

Timetable Preventive dentistry
3. 9. 2013

There is new time­table for Pre­ven­tive den­tistry — 5th year 2013 [PDF]

Timetable prosthodontics
27. 3. 2013

There are new time­tables for sum­mer semes­ter 2012/2013 Pro­sthe­tic Den­tistry 1, Pro­she­tic Den­tistry 2 and Cli­ni­cal Pro­sho­don­tics [PDF]

Timetable for Preventive dentistry
17. 3. 2013

There is new time­table for Pre­ven­tive den­tistry 4th and 5th year (PDF)

Timetable for cariology
13. 3. 2013

There is new time­table for Cari­o­logy 2nd year (PDF)